Game Review: Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Now that December has started, I am back with another game review. Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is the cutest Nintendo mobile game that could ever exist. This cute game was released the morning of November 21st. I was eagerly awaiting the release of the game in the Apple app store. I remember numerous friends drone on and on about the original version of Animal Crossing, and I thought this would be just as much fun.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp starts out with creating your character and naming it. You are able to choose your timezone to encounter different players that are playing with you in real time. The basis of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is to create your own unique campsite. You can invite any animal that you meet in the game to your campsite after you raise their friendship level to a certain level. In order to raise the friendship level of each animal friend, you have to complete small quests for the animals. This can range from fishing for certain fish, to catching particular bugs, and gathering fruit.

In the game, you are given a camper-van to "travel" in and decorate. Most of the material for furniture comes from speaking to the animals in the game, and completing their goals. You are also able to level up your own character by continually raising the animal character friendship level. I am not entirely sure what the max level is, but I am currently at Level 21. There is no specific way to beat this game, but I do not think that the game developers created this mobile game with intent to have players beat it. It is more centered around your journey in customizing up your campsite. 

 This game has adorably animated characters and lovely items to buy and create. However in regards to depth, this game is severely lacking. There is no overarching story in this game, and the quests are small and often tedious. I am not sure the function of having friends in this game as you do not get to directly interact with them. Sure, you can go to their campsites and get inspiration for your own campsite, and buy items directly from their character. But there is no messaging system in place to talk to them, and no way to view their progress in the game.

I would definitely want to see what level my friends are at. I have been playing since the release and yet I am starting to get bored as all I do are small quests and have small talk with each animal characters.

While this is the very first version, I do hope that they significantly improve the game. I hope that they implement more depth to the game and in the future release games that are more similar to their console games.

I rate Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp a 4 out of 5 stars for aesthetic and creativity in the look. But in regards to gameplay, it is 3 out of 5. If you want to play a game with very little depth, and is really more of a game to play when you get bored on the train or as a passenger in a car, then this is the game for you!

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