Review: 3 Mobile Games I am Currently Playing

After getting married this past August, I promised my husband I would take more of an interest in gaming. He has a huge passion for gaming with high hopes for streaming his gameplay in the future. I am not a complete beginner to video games. I used to play when I was younger, yet I always got bored because I couldn’t manage to stay interested after I got stuck at a certain part of the game. My parents did not encourage me to invest myself in video games either. So I leaned toward Art, and that became my passion.

My husband and I are complete opposites, but in a desire to grow with him and create a strong partnership, I begrudgingly pushed myself back into the world of video games. At this point in my life, where I no longer have to worry about school or class projects, I  enjoy the distraction that video games provide. My husband is still trying to convince me to be a computer gamer, but I have found my silent addiction in mobile games. They are so convenient and I find myself playing in between cooking or when I get bored and don’t feel like diving into a good book or binge watching a show on Netflix or Hulu.

Video games are a great stress coping mechanism as well. They allow me to focus my energy on a task, or few depending on your game, and zone out on the real world. While I don’t recommend using it as a way to completely escape the real world, it does help if you play 20-30 minutes some days.

So thanks to my efforts at bonding with my husband, we now have a common area to geek out about. We aren’t currently playing the same mobile games, but I do see the excitement in his eyes when I talk about what I do in my games and how I overcome moments where I got stuck. There are a few nights, where he does help me play my games. One mobile game that my husband helps me out with the most is Hearthstone. It can also be played on your computer or tablet. I prefer to play it on my phone because it is more user-friendly.

1. Heathstone

My husband first suggested this game when I was starting to consider playing video games again. It is a card game, with a player versus player twist. You use different cards in order to overcome your opponent. I love Hearthstone because it forces me to play strategically and actually think about what I have in my deck that can aid me in winning.

2. The Trail

The next game that I have come to have and on and off love/hate relationship with is The Trail. I had previously played a game by the same developers, 22 Cans. But the game was very slow going and underdeveloped. When they came out with their newest game, The Trail, I thought I would give it a try. In this game, you are a travel in new lands. You have to travel pretty far to get to a town where you can settle down. You are assigned a profession based on whatever plot of land you buy. You are still required to travel and gather new items to craft to either aid in upgrading your home, the town, or sell for money. One negative aspect of this game is its simplicity in its linear concept. You have one path to travel, and can't go left or right, you have to stay on the designated path. I do appreciate how they are constantly developing new elements to the game and how there is still more to explore. I do get bored of this game as the quest are minimal, so I restrict my gameplay to 10 minutes max.

3. Battle Camp

The third game I have been playing is called Battle Camp. This is a very addictive game and has endless quests and multiple possibilities for advancement. In this game, you are assigned teams of monsters in which you use to battle other monsters, players, or bosses. You are required to join a troop, and they have times where your troop raids areas in order to level up. There are also daily events where you can level up and win prizes. The only bad part of this game is its limited amount of energy. You only get 5 bolts of energy for the day and you are required to make real in-app purchases to gain more energy to play for longer. This can be a huge money pit as the cheapest purchase is $4.99.

All in all, I have found a new appreciation for gaming through these mobile apps. They have definitely ignited some new areas in my marriage and definitely aid in reducing my stress on some days.

Do you play any mobile games? Comment below and tell me what you play!